ForSun offers the CSW- Fin as an innovative alternative to the conventional absorber fin made of single copper. For cost savings in transportation and storage, CSW fins can be shipped in coils. More than thousand meters can be stacked on one Euro- pallet.


Please watch the following video:


All CSW- products are characterized by the following advantages in comparison to conventional joining technologies for copper/ aluminum absorbers:

  • The continuous, deeper sections of the weld make the pipe that the fluid flows through into a strong structure. The resultant turbulent flow increases the energy absorbency of the medium and thus the overall performance of the absorber.
  • The welded area between the sheet aluminum and the pipe has a larger joined surface area than the spot-welded joins created by conventional technology. This improves heat conduction from the sheet metal to the pipe.
  • We can work with 0.03 mm – 0.5 mm thick sheet aluminum.
  • The absorber surface stays smooth, due to the absence of high heat during manufacturing that warps sheet metal.
  • The energy requirement and production time of CSW- absorbers decreases  significantly compared to conventional welding technology.


The welding of sandwich absorbers with an internal tube register is possible now. That means the combination of water and air heating is realized in a very simple and efficient way. ForSun maintains a high customer satisfaction rate due to the high quality, high performance and cost effectiveness of our products.