The Institute for Solar Energy Research in Hameln (ISFH) has carried out an efficiency test and compared a CSW welded absorber strip to a lasered absorber.

This test highlights that a CSW absorber made using 0.3 mm thick sheet aluminum is just as efficient as a lasered absorber with 0.2 mm thick sheet copper. The aluminum absorbers currently on the market are made using 0.4 - 0.5 mm thick sheet metal in order to achieve the same efficiency as copper absorbers.

The use of the CSW process is also a plus in terms of the ecology, economics and aesthetics of absorber technology.

We deliver absorbers to our customers that have a completely smooth surface, consume less material and energy and are more efficient than other products that have been available until now.


Our absorbers are, of course, heat sealed within a protective film. This ensures that the absorber is protected from scratches during transport and installation in the collector, guaranteeing the best possible product quality on delivery to the customer. 


Please read more about the ISFH efficiency test.


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