ForSun Solartechnik


ForSun Solartechnik is an innovative company that started in late 2003 with the development of ultrasound welding processes for joining metal films.


In 2005, we set up plant for producing absorber fins and started supplying our first domestic and international customers. The experiences we have gained in the application of ultrasound joining technology, automation and quality assurance in combination with a lean business structure have resulted in an attractive cost-benefit-ratio to which the market has responded positively.


During winter 2005 / 2006, plant optimizations allowed us to rescale production capacity to meet market demand – while maintaining optical and mechanical quality.


In accordance with our company philosophy, the results of increased productivity are not spent on expensive marketing events and trade fair stands, but instead are fed back into continuous improvements to our production processes in order to steadily provide the market with high quality products at attractive prices.


At the start of 2007, the company moved to larger production facilities in Osterwieck, Germany, in order to be able to provide new market sectors with new product lines. Fullface absorbers have been produced in our robot-assisted manufacturing plant since March 2007.


If requested, our company can produce manifolds in different sizes, trued copper pipes cut to length, complete pipe and fin registers as well as various immersion and sensor pipes for collectors and boilers etc..


At the end of 2007, we began work on a new welding process that was developed to meet the specific demands placed on copper and aluminum joins: the CSW welding process. This was done in cooperation with Dr. Lappe & Niemeier Profiltechnik GmbH.


In the following years, the successful new CSW technology has steadily replaced the conventional welding system. ForSun still offers ultrasonic welded absorber fins, for customers that require this product. ForSun’s CSW- fins can be ordered in lengths according to your specifications. CSW- fins will be shipped in coils for cost savings in transportation and storage costs.